The USGS, or United States Geological Survey published another comprehensive guide that shows data gathered over the years regarding the nation’s water resource, among all other natural resources of the land. This scientific publication entails all events, projects, that have impacted the land’s resources.

The main objective of the USGS is to provide useful information, study, or research on the nation’s mineral resources. Its motto is to provide a “science for a changing world” so citizens can forecast and adapt as needed.

There are two intriguing things that this publication uncovers. As indicated by USGS, “This aggregate information collection not just shows varieties the nation over and all through time, it lays the system for a rising anecdote about our developing association with water.”

USGS data shows that the way water is utilized in the US differs across the nation and through time. With the information available via research, the question is, how are we going to manage our water consumption from here onwards? What plans and programs can be devised to effectively regulate and avoid unnecessary loss of water to protect this natural resource? Right now, how much water do we truly utilize?