Despite the increasing global crisis on water, we should commend the great work of individuals all around the globe who have changed the wellbeing and prosperity of their networks by providing clean water. Some days are put aside to recount the narratives of lives that have been spared, networks that have handled water shortages, and the nobility of endeavors for a better future.

World Water Day stresses the concerns that there are moms, fathers, youngsters, individuals, who are compelled to drink filthy, noxious water from unhealthy storages.

We need to recognize that the desperation to give clean water is genuine. Water emergencies are effectively complicated by wars, political crusades, and catastrophic events. At times simple goals to produce decent water seems so hard to achieve in many levels due to various complexities surrounding it.

It is not necessarily the case that water has not been in the spotlight. We have all felt different levels of sympathy and compassion as we identify with the catastrophe and the battles of a place like Flint, Mich., and the impacts of messy, spoiled water for the youth of many nations. People are concerned about the health of our children growing up, the effect of drinking poor water on their bodies.

We cannot afford to wait any longer to act. It is important that we all unite under one cause, make our story known, and create a movement for building healthy communities by providing clean drinking water.

So many of our youth have already suffered physically and even mentally due to unhealthy living conditions. The long-term effect of drinking unclean water is horrible. So let’s not forget to commend those people who have sacrificed so much for the common weal.